The Benefits of EH Positioners

eletric-hydraulic positionersElectric hydraulic (EH) positioners use electric hydraulic pumps and cylinders to create safe and efficient ergonomic lifting processes. One of the most significant benefits provided by EH positioners over alternative devices is the ability to lift and rotate large components or materials. This one capability can widen a facility’s manufacturing capabilities.

Other benefits include greater durability for equipment, flexibility and versatility in general lifting processes, and greater safety for workers at and around the workstation.

The Advantages of Electric-Hydraulic Power

EH positioners offer a range of advantages, such as:


Every workplace needs to consider ergonomics and safe handling when considering new equipment for their facilities. Correctly applied ergonomic choices can reduce the number of injuries, repetitive stress injuries, and potential liabilities.

Creating a more comfortable work environment for employees also boosts employee morale, productivity, and length of employment terms. Ergonomic EH positioners allow employees to operate heavy duty machinery and complete tasks in more comfortable and healthy positions.

Controlled Lifting Speeds & Higher Load Capacities

Safety is equally as important as ergonomics, if not more.


Unidex’s ergonomic EH positioners can be customized to fit certain tasks. This customization improves task completion times for a greater overall rate of efficiency. EH positioners also fit in constricted areas, so more units can safely share a limited work floor.
Dual-Column EH Positioner
The system that’s implemented at the beginning of construction can be customized to meet both functional requirements and simplicity requirements.

The ergonomic aspect of EH positioners also leads to increased efficiency. Operators are more comfortable and less likely to experience repetition-related or equipment-related injuries, so the regular pace of completing work will face fewer interruptions.


Dual EH positioners may be used together to create a positioning system with multiple set controls and actions. They can share a single hydraulic pump so each station can handle multiple routine actions. EH positioners feature a full range of motion—they can rotate 360° to lift or rotate complete workstations. They also feature high loads and the positioner itself has welded steel components that facilitate a long service life.

Custom Equipment for Versatile Applications

Operators can use EH positioners in a variety of industries and for multiple applications, though they’re typically reserved for heavy duty tasks. Some common applications include:

  • Lifting dump truck wheel rims
  • Manipulating the orientation of aircraft components for assembly
  • Material handling on shop and sales floors
  • Moving loads and empty skids in a warehouse
  • Rotating, powering, lifting, and spinning jet engines for repairing, assembly, and inspection

EH positioners can be used in any industry or facility where workers need to transport, lift, or manipulate heavy loads.

Request Your Ergonomic Solution Today

EH positioners are ideal solutions for material handling applications across a variety of industries. Operators can move heavy objects or workpieces while reducing or eliminating the risk of repetitive stress injuries and accidents.

Unidex Inc. is a leading builder and supplier of electric hydraulic positioners and other rotating and lifting tools. We specialize in developing and manufacturing material handling solutions, including:

EH Ergonomic Positioning Solution

  • Heavy duty workstations
  • Industrial manipulators
  • Mobile lifts
  • Portable lifts
  • Portable tables
  • Adjustable work positioners

Unidex’s EH Single Column design incorporates linear rails and pillow blocks (as seen on many 3, 4, and 5-axis machines). It also uses gear motors and large geared radial bearings to rotate heavy loads to fit our customer’s needs. There are many safety features included on the EH.

Our team of experts can help you select and customize the right material handling equipment for your facilities and work needs. Contact us today to learn more about our positioners or other material handling equipment.

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