100 Different Ways to Lift and Rotate

ergonomic workstationUnidex Inc. is a rotating and lifting industry leader with a specialization in material-handling equipment. We have a large selection of industrial manipulators, work positioners, mobile lifts, portable lifts and tables, and adjustable height workstations.  These products can be engineered-to-order to meet your ergonomic workstation needs.

Working with large objects, it is almost impossible to handle them without some form of help.  Unidex Inc. carries a wide array of industrial manipulators that make it easy for you to not only lift but rotate materials as well; some models can even handle a load weight of 500 pounds.

Ergonomical Workstations

Unidex Inc. ergonomic workstations come in 4 different varieties: light-duty, standard duty, shaft handling, and telescoping. These lifts can handle 48-inch to 98-inch stroke-making Unidex Inc. your go-to for any lifting solutions you may have.

With products made in America, it’s no wonder that when combined they offer about 100 different ways to lift or rotate an object. The quick turnaround rate for these products makes it easy for them to ship globally.  Contact Unidex Inc today to get started on your custom lifting or rotating ergonomic solution!