The Unidex Approach to Ergonomic Material Handling Equipment

As a production engineer for Kodak in Rochester, New York, Arthur Crater envisioned how a manipulator to lift and position could help speed up the workflow while reducing manual labor. Officials from Kodak agreed, and Art Crater suggested that Kodak could market these inventions.

Kodak didn’t agree to that part. The company was in the business of manufacturing cameras, copiers and other imaging products, not material handling equipment. But Kodak did like its improvement in productivity, and soon Art Crater was designing and manufacturing products for Kodak and other major companies in the Rochester, New York area such as Xerox and Bausch & Lomb.

Established in 1991, Unidex has grown into a company that sells to manufacturers throughout North America and several other countries throughout the world. A network of material handling dealers and distributors provide additional coverage and expertise in helping Unidex improve safety and workplace productivity for our customers.

Fast forward to January 2015:

Art Crater retires and his son and daughter take over the business. Jon and Sue have each been with the business for 25 years. They have knowledge of all the business operations at Unidex and are continuously working hard to improve all the elements of the Corporation.

Engineered-To-Order Product Range

There’s an old saying, “When all you have is a hammer, every solution looks like a nail.” Since Unidex concentrates on the best solution for each customer’s material handling requirements, we have developed a wide range of products to meet these needs. Most applications are engineered-to-order, utilizing customized end effectors, tooling and supporting equipment to enhance safety and bolster the manufacturing process.

Although we have developed a reputation for industrial manipulators, we understand that specialized work positioners or more economical mobile lifts can be the better answer. To this end, the Unidex product line continues to grow with the philosophy – “If you need it, we can build it.”


Special Capabilities & Integration

In addition to our engineered-to-order approach, Unidex has also developed and demonstrated the capability to meet extraordinary material handling equipment needs. This includes stainless steel construction for sanitary or harsh environments, lean manufacturing assembly systems, and integrated equipment for welding operations and other applications. “If you need it, we can build it.”


Design Engineering & Production Facilities

The Unidex team adheres to the principles of continuous improvement. We apply our engineering skills to the design of more efficient ways to meet ergonomic goals and invest in the production process to ensure that we manufacture and deliver quality products.

CAD design, metal cutting and forming, welding, powder coating, testing, inspection, and other operations give us the versatility and capability to develop and produce durable, reliable and highly functional equipment for the job. “If you need it, we can build it.”


Customer Partnerships

A testament to the capability and performance of Unidex is our list of loyal, satisfied customers. Starting with Kodak and expanding our horizons, Unidex works closely with companies and individuals to develop ergonomic material handling solutions. It is not unheard of for Unidex to work with a customer to provide a manipulator or work positioner and then respond to an immediate request for a specialized workbench, cart or lift table.


“If you need it, we can build it.”