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Adjustable Work Positioners With Multi Axis Capabilities

Adjustable Work Positioners With Multi Axis Capabilities

At UNIDEX, we strive to be different from our competitors by offering unique industrial equipment solutions that set us apart from other suppliers in the industry. Our industrial lifts and manipulators are fully customizable to accommodate the specific needs of our customers. We ensure the utmost quality and durability of our products by using superior materials and performing rigorous testing to make sure they have the longest life possible.

We also collaborate with those who actually utilize our products in the field to design intuitive and easy-to-use products. Our industrial lifts and manipulators are available worldwide, regardless of whether you’re located in a rural or metropolitan area. Learn more about our adjustable work positioners below.

EH Standard-Duty

The EH Standard-Duty from UNIDEX is an affordable and compact solution for light and medium-duty applications up to 500 lbs. This product is designed to deliver enhanced durability, flexibility, versatility, and safety for your production needs.

The UNIDEX EH Standard-Duty offers the following standard features:

  • 500 lb lifting capacity
  • Controlled speed
  • 60’’ lift stroke
  • Articulating arms up to 96’’
  • Electric hydraulic lift system can plug into 110 VAC outlet

EH Dual Station

The UNIDEX EH Dual Station features 360° of rotation on its centerline. It relies on an electric-hydraulic pump/chain design to drive vertical movement and allow for the simultaneous operation of its two cylinders. The carriage offers linear motion using a rail system bolted to the lifting column.

The EH Dual Station accommodates the following applications:

  • Work Positioning
  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Welding
  • Component Build/Transfer
  • Product Assembly

Its custom features include:

  • Up to 3 axes of part movement
  • Voltage options of 200 to 240 VAC or 460 to 480 VAC
  • Up to 60’’ of powered lift stroke
  • Up to 6000 lbs of lift capacity
  • Pendant control
  • Electric hydraulic system

EH Heavy Duty

The UNIDEX EH Heavy-Duty comes with the following standard features:

  • Durable oven-baked powder coat finish
  • Full safety interlocks
  • 36’’ vertical lift
  • 2000 lb lift capacity
  • Cabinet or pedestal mounted up and down palm buttons
  • 110/220 VAC electric hydraulic lift system

Optional features:

  • Powered rotations
  • Stainless steel construction with special finishes
  • Pendant controlled vertical height adjustment
  • Increased height adjustments

UNIDEX Adjustable Work Positioners

When you rely on UNIDEX, we deliver adjustable work positioners that are manufactured in the USA to exacting standards from high-quality welded carbon steel. We rigorously test our products before shipment, and each unit receives a durable baked-on powder coat finish.

UNIDEX EH Standard-Duty, EH Dual Station, and EH Heavy Duty work positioners and manipulators are available with a range of customization options to suit various industries and applications. Contact us to learn more about our wide selection of customizable adjustable work positioners and find the ideal solution for your application.