EH Heavy-Duty Work Positioners Series



EH Series heavy-duty work positioners offer unique capacity for lifting and manipulating loads up to 2,000 lbs. Twin-column models combine the versatility of full rotation and positioning with heavy-duty lifting power. Vertical movement is driven by an electric-hydraulic pump-chain design with a carriage riding up and down on linear rails bolted to the columns.

An optional articulating arm is capable of full rotation on an axis parallel to the floor. Lineal translational movement along the arm can also be provided. The entire unit can be rotated manually or electrically along the base in order to allow the workstation to interface with other devices in different positions.

EH Series Work Positioners are ideal for systems integration (also available through Unidex). Multiple units can be used to create a complete production line. When a number of heavy components become part of the final product, they can be sequentially added if the base of the assembly is mounted to a transport trolley so it moves from workstation to holding track workstation. Unidex manipulators can be used to lift mating pieces into position.

Tables, forks or specialized fixtures may be mounted to the carriage in order to raise, lower and rotate your product for fabrication, welding, assembly and other manufacturing operations. Height adjustments controls are either cabinet mounted, pendant operated or remote console. A variety of safety interlock devices are also available.

Work Positioner Options:

  • Variety of load capacities and lift strokes
  • Pendant-controlled height adjustment
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Powered rotations

EH Heavy-Duty work positioners