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Standard & Engineered-To-Order Material Handling Manipulators, Lifts & Work Positioners

If you are looking for ergonomic material handling solutions to operate more efficiently and safely, then contact Unidex for material handling equipment that helps you improve your production process and enhance your cost-competitiveness.

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My name is Jordan Aldrich. I am the Chief Technician for CourtTech USA.

We install Squash Courts for universities, prep-schools, clubs, private homes, etc.

Our relationship with Unidex started with help with designs on some rigging that we use for installation of our panels.

Jordan Aldrich CourtTech USA


Unidex designs and manufactures ergonomic material handling equipment including:

Work Positioner & Pallet Lift


Overhead Mounted Industrial Manipulator

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Powered Mobile Lift

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Overhead Mounted Industrial Manipulator

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EH Series Manipulators and Positioners

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EH Positioner Rotating Large Workpiece

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EH Positioner

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Whether mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic, Unidex products are reliable and easy to operate.

Our products are backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty and are available factory-direct or from dealers and distributors in the United States and Canada.


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Download this new literature showing a variety of Unidex workstations designed for welding fabrication.

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