Electric Hydraulic Work Positioners



EH Series Electric Hydraulic Work Positioners combines the features of a medium-duty lifter and a manipulator for loads up to 500 lbs. Elevation, tilt, overhead reach, and rotational motion features allow easy access and appropriate positioning of objects. Two articulating arms offer up to 96 inches of horizontal reach.

Standard-Duty Electric Hydraulic Work Positioners provide a compact, economical lifting and positioning solutions for moving rolls, sheets, coils, boxes, pails, bags, shafts, frames, and other loads. Typical applications include product assembly, component building, and transfer, welding, repair operations, and other work lifting and positioning. Multiple units are often designed into production and assembly lines and as part of fully-integrated, lean manufacturing systems to maximize safety and productivity.

Vertical Lifting Columns: Standard floor-mounted, electric/hydraulic powered lifting columns provide precise, effortless vertical height adjustment. Load engagement devices are attached to a support arm mounted to a carriage which raises and lowers along linear rails attached to the square tubular steel lifting column.

Articulating Arms: Either style of the manually-guided articulating arms can be mounted to the moving slider assembly on the lifting column. The centerline height is specified depending on the lowest pick point required. The arm’s end effectors can pick from the floor if necessary.

standard-duty work positioners Options:

  • Variety of load capacities and lift strokes
  • Various articulating arm lengths and designs
  • Pendant-controlled height adjustment
  • Powered rotations
  • Mobile unit with forklift slots, casters, or mounted to a pallet jack
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Other special materials and finishes available