Aerospace Solution Applications

Twin Column Synchronized Electric Hydraulic Engine Lift with powered lift, upend and rotation for engine rebuild.

Engine Stand with powered turntable and worker platform with adjustable height lifting.

Portable lift and tilt stand for checking parts for watertight seal.

Powered Trunion Cart that tilts. Towed with fork truck.

Electric Hydraulic Lift with upend and adapter plate for manual part rotation.

Electric Hydraulic Lift and rotate with interface to support tooling.

LPT Electric Lift and rotate plus base rotation for repairing and overhauling parts.

Twin Columns Synchronized Electric lift with trunion powered lift, upend and part rotation.

Electric Hydraulic lift with rotation.

Adjustable Height Workbench with drawers.

Custom Scissors Lift for assembly process for small engine builds.

Multi-Position Fan Blade Picker

Portable Electric Platform with custom cage and safety features. This platform lifts a person up into an engine to install a motor.

Portable Electric powered, telescoping lift with tilting end tooling to install cargo doors.

ECL Manipulator with clamp and 180° rotation. Picks up parts off a paint line and places them on a pallet.

High-powered Twin Column Synchronized Electric Engine Lift with powered diffuser lift, upend and rotation.

Small Manipulator with short arm to support a part during assembly. Base slides in and out.

Portable lift to support large ring for fan case housing.

Floor mounted Electric Hydraulic lift with rotation that interfaces with a cart to lift a composite fan case.

Electric Hydraulic lifts with rotation for various engine components used in machine shops and overhaul shops.

Manual push cart with manual tilt and rollers to support large rings.

Assembly Lift Tables with Aluminum Tops

Assembly Tables with UHMW Liners

Assembly Tables