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What Is an Adjustable Height Work Platform?

Adjustable height work platforms are mechanized platforms that can elevate technicians, tools, and staff to an otherwise inaccessible height. The lift includes a platform with some standing and walking space for easier accessibility, maneuverability, and overall productivity than other elevated solutions. People come in different heights and sizes, so it is difficult to design work spaces to accommodate all personnel. These adjustable platforms can rise and lower in indoor spaces, so workers can better access specific areas or items as needed. Other names that you may see for adjustable height work platforms include personnel lifts, man lifts, or mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP).

At Unidex, we provide our clients with completely mobile, powered lift platforms for any work environment or application. Learn more about the differences between work platforms and ladder platforms and some of the most common applications for adjustable height work platforms.

Adjustable Height Work Platforms vs. Aerial Ladder Platforms

There are two common types of elevated working solutions in commercial and industrial spaces: aerial ladder platforms and adjustable height work platforms. While both options achieve similar functions — giving technicians and staff safe access to elevated spaces where there are no stairs or floors — each is best suited for different circumstances.

Aerial ladder platforms are often used in outdoor situations as they achieve great heights, such as with fire trucks or hydraulic cranes. While the ladders can go very high, the platform at the top is very small, so they are mostly used for tasks that do not require a lot of equipment or movement.

Alternatively, our adjustable height work platforms are lifted platforms used to raise personnel in indoor spaces. Adjustable work platforms are used for indoor applications, and they offer more space to accomplish complex tasks. Most adjustable work platforms offer between four to eight feet of horizontal space, or even more depending on your needs. Work platforms are ideal for indoor use such as warehouses or factories, where staff need to be up to six feet above the ground, but still need plenty of room to work. Work platforms have plenty of space for tools and can even hold two workers at the same time for complex tasks.

Our work platforms include:

  • The base with levelers, fork pockets, or casters.
  • Cylinders extend the work platform vertically; these can be powered by air over oil hydraulics, or electric hydraulics
  • The platform itself, which includes space for maneuvering, and guard rails and kick plates for safety, hinged door or chain entry
  • A load capacity up to 500 lbs.

Any elevating system should include proper safety and comfort features. At Unidex, we build our systems with quiet, high-performance technology, an Autoblock ™ fail-safe blocking valve to prevent movement if air pressure is lost, a rubber floor mat, and more.

Typical Work Platform Use Cases

Some of the most common uses for work platforms include:

  • Inspections and Repairs
  • Assembly at Conveyor Areas
  • Managing and maintaining facilities

Work Platforms for Sale by Unidex

At Unidex, we supply our clients with different work platforms designed to fit their needs. Our two popular models include the following:

  • MODEL AHWP: 12″, 18″, or 24″ (Air Hydraulic)
  • MODEL EHWP: UP TO 36″ LIFT (Electric Hydraulic)

To accommodate all suppliers, Unidex work platforms permit customers to optimize the working heights, reach, wrist and arm angles, and visual tasks while working comfortably. Operators can individually adjust the platform with easy-to-use controls. For parts or components that cannot be lifted or lowered, the operator can adjust the work platform.

The deck size and height, load capacities, and other specifications can be customized to fit your organization’s unique needs. Unidex working platforms are made in the United States and built to get the job done well. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote to start building your standard or custom platform.