TL Series Pallet Lifts

Standard Models:
2,000-lb. load capacity; 36-inch lift stroke

The variable-height capability of the Unidex TL36 pallet lift improves the speed of product transfer from conveyor or assembly lines. It reduces stretching and bending movements to diminish muscular-skeletal fatigue and the risk of injury, thus saving lost time and compensation claims. Its small footprint is ideal for where space is cramped. No excavation is required for installation, and the unit can be relocated within the plant.


The TL36 is loaded and unloaded using a pallet jack. It’s unique, cantilevered design eliminates scissor-lift pinch points. Tables, forks, or specialized fixturing may be mounted to the carriage in order to raise, lower or rotate product for fabrication, welding, assembly or other manufacturing operations. It can be used as a stationary bolt-down or free-standing lift. Forklift slots can be included in the base for mobility.

Unidex pallet lifts are also available in stainless steel construction for operation in corrosive or sanitary environments. A wide range of optional features and customized tooling is available to meet specialized workplace requirements.

Pallet Lift Options:

  • Vertical lift to 56″
  • 3-way pallet access
  • Variety of larger or smaller lifting pan sizes
  • Pallet tilting capability
  • Turntable for pallet rotation
  • Pendant control
  • Custom fixturing and workholding modifications
  • Photo-electric safety shutdown curtain
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Casters for mobility