Scissor Lift Alternatives

Scissor Lift Alternative

Unidex has multiple different material handling systems. One type of ergonomic solution that we offer is a scissor lift alternative. Scissor Lifts usually have to be in a large area and they can have pinch points that aren’t the most ergonomic quality to have when working in an industrial setting.

Pallet Lift Scissor Lift Alternative

Unidex has eliminated this problem by creating the Pallet Lift. Our pallet lifts can handle a load of up to 5,000 lbs along with having full safety interlocks. This piece of equipment reduces stretching and bending movements. This, in turn, can save time and reduce on the job injuries. 

Scissor Lift AlternativesPE Series Scissor Lift Alternatives

Another scissor lift alternative that Unidex has to offer is the PE Series Light-Duty Lift. This lift can create an unobstructed area for anything attached to the material that you are lifting.  This lift can handle a load of around 200 lbs. For material handling equipment that is needed to handle larger loads look at our PE Standard-Duty Lift which can handle a load of 1,000 lbs.

With Unidex, you don’t just get a high-quality scissor lift alternative. You also are able to customize your material handling equipment to whatever specifications that you may need. Trust Unidex to help you get started on your ergonomic solutions.