AHSC Positioning Welding Workstation

Standard Models:
200-lb. load capacity; 48-inch height adjustment

Welding Workstations


Ideal for use as a welding positioner or welding manipulator, the AHSC welding workstation offers a compact and ergonomic way to allow access to the workpiece from virtually any angle.


Air/oil hydraulics controlled by a foot pedal provides smooth, hands-free height adjustment up to 48 inches, while the Autoblock™ feature prevents operator injury and product damage in the event of air loss.

A U-400 indexing head mounted to the top of the column provides 360-degree manually-guided rotation of fixtures with 16 positive steps.

A variety of attachments can be easily interfaced to the faceplate of the welding workstation indexing head, such as electric-powered rotary tables, right-angle fixtures, grippers, and other load-engagement devices.

Welding Workstation Options:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Custom fixtures, work holders, and load engagement devices