A lift table uses a mechanism to lift or lower equipment or people. Lift table systems can raise heavy equipment and supplies, including individual parts or pallets, along with workers or vehicles. Because of their versatility and reliable design, platform lifts and lift tables see frequent usage in various processes across the aerospace sector. Typical examples may include preventive aircraft maintenance and the placement of different aircraft components during assembly.


The Purpose of Lift Tables in Aerospace Applications

Work platform lifts offer numerous benefits for aerospace operations. Some of these advantages include:

  • Reduced risk of injury. Many workplace injuries in the aerospace sector involve repetitive motion, overexertion, and bending. Lift tables reduce these injuries by enabling workers to easily position or preposition during various tasks, preventing strain that might otherwise result in long-term harm.
  • Improved maintenance. Ladders are often unstable, making it difficult or unsafe to perform maintenance on large aircraft. Table lifts allow workers to safely and effectively reach every aircraft area to perform necessary maintenance.
  • Simplified installation of aircraft parts. Engines and other aircraft components require precision for proper installation. Table and platform lifts help to move components accurately and quickly into place for proper installation.


Lifting and Handling Solutions for the Aerospace Industry


Lifting and Handling Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

There are multiple types of lifts available for aerospace applications. Each lift type may perform different functions based on the application’s specific needs.

Jet Engine Test Cell Lifts

Engineers rely on jet engine test cell lifts when conducting functionality and performance tests on jet engines. These lifts feature two hydraulic-actuated, floor-mounted lifts that support the main platform. The design also features removable guard rails that keep workers secure while using the platform while simplifying access during loading or unloading of workers and testing equipment.

High Travel Work Platform Lifts

Built for frequent use, these lifts feature a high weight capacity for carrying workers and aircraft parts for repairs. They are designed with durability and safety to protect workers while frequently accommodating heavy equipment and multiple personnel.

Lightweight Personnel Work Platforms

Lightweight personnel platform lifts provide an ideal lifting solution in facilities with limited loads. Engineers design these lifts to fit through doorways, and some available models will fit into elevators. Lightweight personnel work platforms typically hold one or two workers at a time, allowing them to access hard-to-reach aircraft areas for cleaning and maintenance work or assembly.

Jet Engine Assembly Lifts

This type of engine table lift holds jet engines in place during the assembly process. The lift mounts to the floor for stability, allowing technicians to adjust the engine height reliably during placement operations, and rotate on the z-axis.


Aerospace Lifts From Unidex

Whether you need a lift to hold a single maintenance worker or an assembly lift for accurate and precise component installation, Unidex offers lifting solutions for every aerospace requirement. To see how lift tables from Unidex will benefit your aerospace operation, please contact us today.


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