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If you are looking for ergonomic material handling solutions to operate more efficiently and safely, then contact Unidex for material handling equipment that helps you improve your production process and enhance your cost-competitiveness.

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“I am sincere in saying that I too enjoy working with you and all of your employees at UNIDEX. Your company does extremely good work and is very accommodating when they can be, which seems to be about always. Your company represents the finest of what seems to have been lost within the last few years from a lot of businesses and companies of integrity, honesty and sincerely being proud of their products and willing to stand behind them. This is why I will go out of my way to find ways to continue to do business when I can with organizations such as yours. I wish you continued prosperity in this tough business world we work in today. Don’t thank me. You and your company deserve your accolades.”

Unidex makes amazing products that are built to last. They’re responsive, easy to work with and honest people.

- Brendan B, Motion Industries

I have been working with Unidex, integrating their equipment into my manufacturing processes, for the past 10 years. They provide a high quality product with unmatched reliability. The variety of products offered make their products easily adaptable into any type of industry and the ergonomic advantages these products provide ensure a safe work environment for those people using the products. I would recommend investing in any of their portfolio of products.

- Scott G.

It has been 5 year since I started working on my projects with UNIDEX. I have found their products to be of high quality and reliable, especially for manufacturing processes. The cost is affordable and the customer service is great. I’m a fan of the PHQL lift car, that car has been a great discovery and valuable addition to my lean transformations over the past 6 years. Thank you UNIDEX and looking forward to working future projects with you.

- Louis E.

“We provided our lift tool requirements and Unidex not only designed and built an end effector, they tested it at their facility with our products and provided photos and video to show its successful operation. Their expertise saved us time and money.”

- Steve B., Xerox

“The Unidex products that we have purchased have all performed very well and have pleased our customers.”

- Paul E., Centura X-Ray


Unidex designs and manufactures ergonomic material handling equipment including:

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Whether mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic, Unidex products are reliable and easy to operate.

Our products are backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty and are available factory-direct or from dealers and distributors in the United States and Canada.


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