Hydraulic Lifts—The Types & Their Uses

In the industrial and commercial sectors, the term “hydraulic lifts” refers to devices that rely on hydraulic pressure to raise or lower personnel and products. They generally feature a cylinder and piston assembly—which extends or contracts depending on the hydraulic pressure—and a platform—upon which the load sits. In addition to being available in a wide range of standard models, they can be customized to meet the requirements of specific applications. 

Below we provide an overview of the types of hydraulic lifts available, including their unique features, advantages, and use cases. 

Types of Hydraulic Lifting Machines

Hydraulic lifts come in several variations. At Unidex, we offer the following types:

Hydraulic Lift Tables (PH/QL)

Our hydraulic lift tables are highly customizable, allowing users to make modifications to meet their needs. They have a standard load capacity of up to 500 pounds and lift stroke of 16 inches with standard height capabilities for between 28 inches to 44 inches. Typical applications include automobile servicing and industrial assembly transport carts.

Types of hydraulic lifting machines

Portable Hydraulic Lifts (PHL)

Our portable hydraulic lifts are lightweight, stable, and easy to operate. They have a standard load capacity of up to 250 pounds and can lift loads to a maximum elevation of 48 inches from the floor. These lifting devices accommodate the integration of fixture or tool holders, allowing for assembly or inspection of cantilevered parts. Typical applications include component assembly and transfer, machine feeding, mobile staging, and work positioning.  

Portable Electric Hydraulic Lift Carts (PE)

Our portable electric/hydraulic lift carts offer optimal durability, flexibility, and safety for production operations. They feature 12 volt DC power units, options for light-duty, standard-duty, shaft handling, and telescopic variations, and compatibility with a wide range of end tools (e.g., forks, platforms, grippers, and rotators). Typical applications include product assembly and material loading and unloading. 

Electric Hydraulic Pallet Lifts (TL)

Our electric/hydraulic pallet lifts are designed for heavy-duty tasks, offering a standard load capacity of 2,000 pounds and a lift stroke of 36 inches. They feature a bolt down design open on three sides that facilitates loading and unloading pallets but also accommodates a variety of end components.  Typical applications include product transferring on assembly lines and work positioning. 

Electric Hydraulic Positioners (EH)

Our electric/hydraulic positioners are compact but powerful lifting devices suitable for raising, lowering, and rotating workpieces in fabrication, welding, and assembly operations. They offer standard load capacities of up to 500, 2000, or 6000 pounds and a lift stroke of 60 inches. Typical applications include large and heavy component manufacturing. 

Electric Hydraulic Workbench Lifts (EHW)

Our 120 VAC electric/hydraulic workbench lifts are designed for use with heavy loads of up to 500 pounds. They feature a 30-inch by 60-inch worksurface that raises and lowers to the proper working height (between 27 inches and 45 inches) at the touch of a button. Casters can also be integrated for easier positioning. Typical applications include food processing and pharmaceutical production, and general assembly for all industries.

Electric Hydraulic Person Lifts (EHWP)

Our electric/hydraulic person lifts are designed for raising and lowering personnel to the desired work height. They are self-supporting and can draw power from any standard 120 VAC outlet. Typical applications include assembly and inspection operations.

Standard and Custom Lifting Solutions From Unidex

Hydraulic lifts play a critical role in countless industrial and commercial applications. However, ensuring lifting operations proceed safely necessitates choosing the right lifting device for your facility. For selection assistance, turn to the experts at Unidex. 

At Unidex, we have extensive experience providing material handling equipment to customers across a diverse set of industries. In addition to our standard hydraulic lifts, we offer customized solutions to end-users with highly specific or unique requirements. To learn more about our lifting products and services, contact us today.  

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