UM Series Underhung-Overhead Manipulator

Standard Models 
(Rigid & Telescoping): 
300-lb. load capacity; 
60-inch lift stroke 

UM Series underhung/overhead manipulators feature a manipulator mounted to an overhead traveling system. Taking advantage of the X and Y axis movement offered by bridge cranes, they are designed to perform the work of several machines and can stabilize out-of-balance loads that cannot be handled by swinging or dangling hoists.

The unique design of Unidex UM Series manipulators offers reach-in flexibility for machine loading and unloading in applications such as the handling of castings, parts or tooling, paper or film rolls, and stacking and reaching into restricted areas such as ovens, parts washers, racks, presses, and other equipment.

A Unidex UM Series overhead manipulator can be designed into a work area that includes Unidex workbenches, assembly tables, and other lifting equipment to provide a complete ergonomic solution.

Overhead Manipulator Options:

  • 500-lb. capacity unit
  • Power drive X & Y movement
  • Air hoist for explosion-proof environments
  • Tilt control handle with lock
  • Handle, pendant or arm-mounted controls
  • Magnetic or vacuum pick-up
  • Variety of overhead mounting options for different heights
  • Variety of manual, mechanical and powered end effectors