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MHW Series Pedal-Lift Workbenches

Standard Models: 500-lb. load capacity

MHW Series Pedal-Lift Workbenches

The Unidex MHW Series Pedal-Lift is a self-contained lifting system with a manually operated foot pedal and hydraulic system to lift the bench to the desired height. The operator quickly and easily brings the table into ergonomically correct zones to accommodate different worker heights, sit-or-stand operations, product transfer, and varying work piece dimensions.

Each pedal stroke raises the work surface approximately one inch. A toe release lever controls the rate of descent. This versatile, economical workbench can lift loads up to 500 lbs. and is available with a variety of optional features.


  • Variety of work surfaces and styles including solid maple, stainless steel and aluminum ESD
  • Various heights and lift strokes
  • Cabinets, shelves and drawers
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Trunion mounts for work rotation
  • Custom fixturing/workholding