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EH Dual-Column Work Positioners Series

Standard Models:
     6,000-lb. load capacity; 60-inch lift stroke

EH Dual-Column Work Positioner Series

EH Series dual-column workstations provide unmatched durability, flexibility, versatility and safety for positioning loads up to 6,000 lbs. while allowing easy access. It is ideal for product assembly, build stations, welding, work positioning, repair areas and other manufacturing, fabricating and production.

Vertical movement is driving by an electric-hydraulic pump/chain design which operates two cylinders simultaneously. A carriage rides up and down each side along linear rails bolted to the lifting column. The fixture assembly is capable of 360 degrees rotation on an axis parallel to the floor.

The dual EH is typically engineered-to-order so that unique or special requirements by the customer are met. Unidex can also provide on-site consulting services to help determine the requirements and integrate the dual EH into the production process.


  • Variety of load capacities and lift strokes
  • Pendant-controlled height adjustment
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Powered rotations
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