ECL Series Electric Column Lift

Standard Models:
     250-lb. load capacity; 60-inch lift stroke
Heavy-Duty Models:
     500-lb. load capacity; 60-inch lift stroke

ECL Series manipulators provide increased lifting power and the capability for fine height adjustment in applications where close tolerance positioning is critical. The electrically-powered chain/sprocket drive provides lifting and lowering while the end-of-arm controls provide three-speed vertical height adjustment.

Articulating arms are available with radial reaches up to 96 inches. The unique linkage design allows smooth, continuous movement throughout the work area. Horizontal movement is not restricted by vertical supports, cabling, or vacuum hoses. This permits the arm to maintain the attitude of the load for reach-in or reach-under applications.


  • 500-lb. capacity units
  • Variety of lift strokes
  • Various articulating arm lengths and designs
  • Overhead mounting systems
  • Mobile unit with forklift slots, casters or mounted to a pallet jack
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Other special materials and finishes available
  • Lever arm, push-button or pendant controls
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