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Industrial Manipulators

Our selection of Industrial Manipulators includes the following:

UM Series Underhung/Overhead Mounted Manipulators: Features a manipulator mounted to an overhead traveling system to perform the work of several machines. Available in rigid-column and telescoping models. Standard load capacity 300 lbs.; lift stroke 60 inches.
ECL Series Electric-Column Lift Manipulators: Provides fine height adjustment that is ideal for close tolerance positioning applications. Standard load capacities 250 & 500 lbs.; lift stroke 60 inches.
EH Series Electric-Hydraulic Manipulators: Provides compact lifting and maneuvering of light and medium-duty loads. Standard load capacity 500 lbs.; lift stroke 60 inches.
AO Series Air/Oil Hydraulic Manipulators: Runs on shop air and self-contained oil supply to provide effortless lifting and positioning. Standard load capacity 250 lbs.; lift stroke 60 inches.
Jib Arms
Unidex's Big Easy Lift Series 


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